Deer Lakes Hockey Club

The purpose of the Deer Lakes Hockey Club (DLHC) is to provide an opportunity for children who live in the townships that compose the Deer Lakes School District, to play competitive ice hockey under the Deer Lakes Middle and High School name. We strive to develop and improve ice skating ability and hockey skills; to promote social relationships among its members; and to engender community spirit and interest in ice hockey and encourage scholastic achievement.

Deer Lakes Hockey competes in the PIHL for Middle School, JV, and Varsity and offers a Developmental team for students in grades K-5. All students in the Deer Lakes area (including private, cyber, or charter schools) are encouraged to participate. Since the Developmental level is not a recognized PIHL class, Deer Lakes Hockey is open to ANY student that resides in the Deer Lakes School District, regardless of the actual school they attend.

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